All the goalkeeper gloves that we sell adults and juniors are made with soft foams and can start to deteriorate within minutes of use, however the gloves will continue to provide grip until nearly all of the latex has worn away.

Deteriation will become more apparent when the ground becomes hard and dry.Try to avoide glove contact with the ground.


You may notice the older a young goalkeeper becomes their technique improves and the gloves will last longer, however gloves will wear quicker the younger the goalkeeper is.


Considered fair wear and tear will not be replaced by ourselves or the manufacturer.


Roll finger & Negative cut gloves:


These style of cut gloves will come under immense stress during use, will no longer offer refunds or replacements for burst seems or damaged foam around stress areas.


Please take care when removing gloves after games and training sessions as your hands will be hot and sweaty, and will put more strain on seems.


Take care of your gloves and they will serve you well.



 Important Information

  Soft Latex Foam
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